SPI Workspace

What improvements can you make in the way you manage your project?

Through our SPI Workspace initiative, you have a fully online space
which provides you with a comprehensive solution to plan and accelerate
the results of your social and environmental projects.

What will the project team accomplish through the SPI Workspace?

  • Experience a collaborative virtual space through practice.

  • Clarify the scope of the project to be able to select the prioritized works.

  • Using agile tools to improve team communications

What will you find in the SPI Workspace?

Access to SPI Agility Master Coaches with a long track record in project management, who, for a period of 3 months will offer: 

  • 3 Live sessions on how to improve your project management.

  • 3 Personalized micro-consultancies.

  • 1 Collaborative space with templates for the project team.

  • 3 Meetings to share the experience called Virtual Cafés.


For your project to be part of the SPI Workspace it must meet the following requirements: 

  • To be a social and environmental impact project

  • To be a funded project

  • The project team must have and commit to a minimum of 12 months of dedication.

hours during the 3-month period. 


The investment to join the SPI Workspace is 1350 USD, per project (with a team of 7 ± 2 people)

If you are interested we invite you to complete the following form: